The McGaw YMCA offers a variety of sports and enrichment program options for youth and adults for year-round activity and fun. YMCA sports encourage healthy lifestyles by prioritizing belonging, teamwork, and the value of participation over winning. McGaw Y members can enjoy family fun gym time along with a variety of court sports, including racquetball, squash, pickleball, and open court.

Preschool Sports (Ages 3-5)

These programs are designed for preschool age youth ages 3-5. Each sport will be an introductory style class environment.

Youth Sports (Ages 6-14)

These sports programs are designed for school-age age youth ages 6-14. Each sport will be an intermediate style class environment.

Teen & Adult Sports (Ages 14+)

These sports programs are designed for teens ages 14-18 and adults. Each sport will be an competitive style class environment.


Want to see more? Visit our online registration to view a full list of programs.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance or have questions about our sports program, please contact our Sports & Courts team.

847-475-7400 ext. 245

Family Gym Time

During family gym time, parents can bring their kids (7 and under) to the SLC gym for healthy, active play.

Open Court

McGaw Y members of all ages are invited to drop in for SLC Gym Open Court hours.


Pickleball is a fun sport for people of all ages. Grab a paddle and join us for open play!

Racquet Sports

McGaw Y members can enjoy a game of racquetball, handball, or squash in our racquet courts.

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